Mother Set Up Fake Job For Son at Buffalo Schools

Mother Set Up Fake Job For Son at Buffalo Schools

A mother and her son are accused of stealing federal funds from Buffalo schools after creating a fake job. Attorney’s Office, Debbie Buckley, who worked for Buffalo Public Schools in different positions, created a fake position for her son, fake id maker online Hassan El Saddique, at the Universal School while he was working at Bishop Timon High School.

Prosecutors said El Saddique received more than $10,000 from the position at Universal School. Attorneys said he was paid another $5,000 after submitting invoices for days he didn’t actually work at Bishop Timon.

El Saddique pleaded not guilty Friday morning to theft of government funds at his arraignment in federal court. He was was released on bond.

Buckley, fake id maker online 54, was also released on bond after an initial appearance Friday morning. Her defense attorney, Paul Cambria, said he intends to fight the charges.

“This was one way by which the children in some of those schools could have performed better, had they received that assistance,” Hochul said. “Unfortunately, a substantial amount of that money, instead of going towards the services the children needed, fake id maker online it went into somebody’s pocket.”

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