Slashing victim sues Nanticoke bar

Slashing victim sues Nanticoke bar

The Prospect Street Cafe and its owner should have taken steps to protect a woman who was gruesomely slashed at the Nanticoke bar on New Year’s Day, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Luzerne County Court.

In the lawsuit, Jennifer Mieczkowski, 30, says the bar and its owner Paul Halliday were guilty of negligence that allowed another woman to slash Mieczkowski’s face and neck with a box cutter.

Halliday said Friday that his employees did everything they could to help Mieczkowski and suggested video surveillance from the bar shows she wasn’t as innocent in the fight as has been reported.

“Our bouncer, our bartender did everything they could to help her,” Halliday said. “The bartender even went after the (other) girl with a Taser.”Mieczkowski’s claims against the bar include: a bouncer and other employees were not appropriately trained on security techniques; the bouncer was dressed in plain clothes and not easily identifiable; and Halliday failed to maintain a barred patrons list.

The lawsuit says the bar employed Jerome “Mugga” Mills as a bouncer/security guard, and he was dressed in street clothes.

“It is believed and, fake id maker online therefore, averred that ‘Mugga’ Mills did not have any training as a security person,” the lawsuit said.

Halliday, though, says he has no idea who “Mugga” Mills is and that the bar employed a bouncer named Jamil Tucker who was not only wearing a shirt that said security, but he checked every patron’s identification at the door and was easily recognizable. and 30 minutes after closing and maintain a barred patrons list.

Halliday said the bar is still complying with that agreement.

“We did have some issues. We corrected them,” he said. “That’s why we are still in business today.”Mieczkowski says in the lawsuit that Figueroa the alleged assailant was able to slash her because the bar failed to prevent Figueroa from entering in the first place.

Figueroa was underage and should have been on the barred patrons list because of previous fights, the suit says.

Inside, bartenders served Figueroa alcohol, even when she was visibly intoxicated.

And, when the fight broke out, no one with the bar intervened.

“No one employed by defendant, Prospect Street Cafe, Inc., attempted to intervene, protect or assist plaintiff, Jennifer Mieczkowski,” the lawsuit said.

According to online court records, Figueroa was charged with fighting and harassment on Sept. 13, 2010. She was found not guilty of fighting but guilty of harassment with physical contact and fined nearly $300.

Halliday questioned whether he should have to check every patron’s background.

“If she was underage, scannable fake id she must have had a fake ID,” he said, “because my bouncer carded everyone at the door.”

Investigators also seized surveillance footage from the bar for the criminal investigation, and Halliday said it shows that the bartender and bouncer jumped to help.

More importantly, he said, the video shows that Mieczkowski might have instigated the fight.

“The video system that the cops subpoenaed shows it pretty well,” he said.

Mieczkowski has said before and the lawsuit repeats that she was coming to a friend’s aid after the friend was knocked off of her bar stool.

Halliday, though, said the lawsuit shows where Mieczkowski’s priorities lie.

“I don’t know how she could claim this before the criminal investigation’s done,” Halliday said. “She’s just more interested in money than justice.”

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